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How to Give Your Dog Pills

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

We all want our dogs to be forever healthy.  But things happen and sometimes we need to give our dogs pills.  While many dogs will just eat them with their food or wrapped in a treat, that is not always and option, especially for dogs that are suspicious and find a way to spit out the pills.  Here are some tips on how to teach your dog to accept pills and reduce the stress for all concerned. (more…)

Potty Pad Training for Puppies

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Years ago we called it ‘paper training’.  While some people still use paper, we now have a variety of absorbant pads with a moisture proof backing.  They go by a variety of names including ‘potty pads’ and ‘wee wee pads’.  The purpose is the same, a designated toilet spot for your dog.  The potty pads are superior to paper (usually newspaper) for several reasons; they are more absorbent, won’t get newsprint on your dog’s feet, and you won’t have your pup peeing on the Sunday edition you left on the floor by accident.

There are situations where having your dog trained to use a potty pad can be a good thing:  You live in an urban area with regular inclement weather.  You have health or mobility issues that make regular trips outdoors difficult.  You live in a high rise apartment so a trip to the street takes several minutes.  You travel frequently with your dog.  You work odd hours and aren’t always able to let your dog out at reasonable intervals. (more…)

Head Halters: Gentle Leader vs. Halti

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Head halters are still a useful and humane tool for teaching loose leash walking.  As with any of the tools we use (including leash and collar), they are a means to an end and should not be considered as a replacement for proper training.  You still have to do the work!

Gentle Leader with double-ended leash

Gentle Leader with double-ended leash

There is no “magic” product out there to solve your problems.  They are most often considered for dogs who have developed a pulling or lunging problem that makes them difficult or unsafe to walk (as in the case of the 100# owner and the 80# dog).  They allow the owner to turn the head and redirect the dog’s attention.  They are extremely useful in dealing with dogs with aggression issues.  They are not a muzzle, although many people will assume so if your dog is wearing one… consider it an opportunity to educate the public :-) (more…)

Bridge & Target Training Overview

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Bridge & Target Training is a very simple and clear way of communicating with animals.  It’s easy and fun for you and

Teaching the Terminal Bridge

Teaching the Terminal Bridge

your dog.  There are two “bridges” and three “targets” in the system.  Once mastered, the possibilities are endless. The completion signal, or “terminal bridge”, tells your dog that he has just successfully completed the task you have assigned him. This is cause for some celebration as dogs enjoy being “right” as much as humans do. (more…)

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