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Pawsitive Dog

Dear Cricket,

I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing dog trainer and human being. In addition to having deep and broad knowledge you are generous, kind, evolved, and have the patience of a saint!

I love the fact that you really “listen” to each person and make “suggestions” rather than preaching with a “holier than thou” attitude. Unlike some trainers who feel their way of doing things is the ONLY way, you are open to feedback and respectful of people, even if they “tweak” your recommendations or choose not to follow them at all due to their particular circumstances or comfort level.

Thank you for being such an amazing resource for me with Teddy, my first “official” dog. Thanks to your gentle guidance Teddy is turning out to be a happy, healthy, self-confident and well-adjusted dog that’s a pleasure to have around both inside and outside the home.

You can feel great knowing that you’re making a positive impact on dogs, their owners and the world! By teaching people how to elicit desired behaviors from their furry family members in a positive, gentle manner, you are undoubtedly helping to reduce the number of dogs that are surrendered (and euthanized) because of behavioral issues. Keep up the exceptional work that you do! You’re my hero!!

Alexis Gandelman
New York City
Teddy, LhasPoo puppy

Pawsitive Dog

"I love dogs. I love everything about them. And I thought I knew everything about to read them, feed them, train them, socialize them. But I didn't. That led to a horrible accident which resulted in the loss of a finger and the need to re-home two of my three beloved Bullmastiffs. After a time, I wanted another keep me, my husband and my third Bullmastiff company...but I didn't trust myself to make it happen. I couldn't risk another digit or the well-being of my remaining dog. Enter Cricket Mara.

In short order, Cricket was not only able to assess the behavior of our intended new puppy -- an English Mastiff -- but also to read the reaction of my other dog to him. More importantly, she suggested something we'd never considered as a possibility...that our Bullmastiff was experiencing physical discomfort, which not only explained her reluctance to welcome the new dog, but might also explain what happened between her and my previous two dogs. Following up on Cricket's advice, we had our older dog tested and discovered she had a bad thyroid problem and advancing arthritis.

Now, just 5 weeks later -- putting the Bullmastiff on a different diet, medication and using acupuncture -- she's frolicking like a puppy, loving our new dog, has renewed energy and light in her eye...and we owe all it to Cricket. At the same time, using Cricket's Pawsitive Dog training approach, in just 8 weeks our over-sized and too-exuberant puppy is well behaved, kind to our older dog and more responsive to our every wish than any dog we've ever owned.

The good news is, I don't need to know everything about dogs...I just need to know and be trained by Cricket!"

Marci Blaze
Four Alarm Marketing
Los Angeles - Corrales

Testimonial to Cricket Mara and The Pawsitive Dog, LLC

I have two Shih Tzu brothers, age 4 1/2 years. They had never been separated, sleeping and playing together all day and all night. My best training efforts produced very humble results, at best. They would jump on anyone entering the house. When the front door was opened, that was their cue to escape outside and out of the yard. When I would take them on a walk, one would pull and the other would stop to "smell the roses" at every opportunity. They were loving, but totally out of control. THEN WE MET CRICKET.

Now my two little gentlemen can play and sleep by themselves, or with each other. They wait at the open door for company to enter no longer planning their escape! And, they don't jump all over everyone who enters. Now, I and learning how to walk my dogs rather than being pulled by my dogs!

In a recent visit to the Vet's office two other owners even complimented me on my well-behaved dogs!!! That was certainly a first! Cricket st their favorite friend in the world! Her training is kind and gentle and suited to each dog's personality. Needless to say... I am very happy to have Cricket working with us.

Linda Kau from Rio Rancho

I first joined Cricket's SPT (Start Puppy Training) list in July 2006 when the universe presented me with 2 puppies (abandoned on property I had not yet moved to). With Cricket's guidance and help, DB and Banshee have matured into loving, well behaved companions, both have their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and do pet therapy work. I stayed on the list even after they were grown, and Cricket has helped me when I added two rescues (Ginger and then Snoopy) to my little pack. Banshee was having issues with this, and Cricket used Healing Touch for Animals techniques and True Awakenings alignments and recommended some Bach flower essences and homeopathic remedies to help Banshee regain her composure and allow peace to develop in my pack. All of this was done 'remotely', and even though I was a bit skeptical, it worked! I recommend the SPT list (and Cricket) to anyone who loves dogs and wants to learn how to communicate with them; it is the best 'dog list' on the Net, due to Cricket's patience, sweetness, and wisdom.

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee,Ginger and Snoopy(dogs)

I think you are one smart lady who knows her "stuff"! – Ellen

May I just say how continually impressed I am with your gentle spirit! You are a lovely role model for communication, both with our beloved dogs and each other. I am so thankful for having found you. There are a lot of dogs out there that owe you a debt of gratitude. And a lot of people, too. Thanks so much for being the way you are. – Bonnie

Dear Cricket,
Thank you for your advice. I am continually awed by your ability to calm and inspire humans to be the best they can for their dogs. Your compassion is evident. I have to believe you do much more good in the world than you know as these ripples of peace interact with our world. – Colleen

Dear Cricket,
I am very familiar with positive training techniques, having read a fair few books on the subject. Pat Miller and Sue Ailsby have been role models for me. And now I've added Cricket Mara to my list of positive trainers well worth listening to. You are always insightful, balanced and thoughtful in your suggestions. You just seem to cut to the essence of each problem and give clear and helpful advice. You come across as a really helpful friend, totally approachable. I just wanted to thank you for giving so freely of your time and expertise. It's really appreciated. – Sally

Cricket, the love and appreciation that you show to God's creatures is truly an inspiration... Your words of wisdom always come at the time when they are needed most. I know that it has certainly made a difference in my relationship with Esther, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Candi

"I recommend that anyone working with an untrained, fearful, shy, or undersocialized dog in public should have their dog wear a vest like the one made by Pawsitive Dog. I am a professional dog trainer and this vest was just what I was searching for to help me work with my own reactive dog, Pepsi. I now recommend this vest to clients of mine. Before having this vest our training and socialization attempts were frustrating and unsuccessful. The vest allows me to focus 100% on working with Pepsi rather than being concerned or embarrassed about what other people think (being a trainer, it is even more embarrassing to be seen with my own dog being unruly). Having the vest on Pepsi lets people see that we're training together, that I'm being a responsible dog owner who is trying to teach my dog how to behave politely and that we'd appreciate it if they wouldn't interfere. My dog can now feel more confident and secure since I'm able to give her all of my focus and provide her the direction she needs to feel safe and respond appropriately. Your dog and you will benefit by using this vest.
--- Laura Michel, Custom Pet Solutions"

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"Wanted to let you know I received the vest today. And it's wonderfully cute. Thank you so much for putting out a great product like this! I can't tell you how grateful I am! We live in an apartment building where 90% of the residents have dogs, and I have been training my pup to decrease her reactivity over the years. She's shown tremendous improvement, and initially, I was afraid that moving into a dense environment like this would cause her to regress, with so many dogs and people going in and out of my building... With this vest on, now I don't have to worry so much about other people crowding us near the building. It gives us the space to breathe, while communicating a very important concept - that my dog is a work in progress, and she's not a bad dog!" - Amber

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