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Dog In Training Vest

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Give your dog a sense of security & purpose.

Keep curious dog lovers from invading your dog's space.

Let people know that you are training your dog.

Identify your dog as a "work in progress".

This Vest will help you and your dog relax in public.

Dog In Training Vest
Give Me Space Vest

"The Dog In Training Vest is the perfect way to get the message across to the public that you need your dog's space to be respected as you are working with him. All of my clients who have to walk their "special needs" dogs in high traffic areas would benefit from this product. Awesome!"

- Leslie McDevitt MLA CDBC CPDT Author "Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog" and "Control Unleashed: A Foundation Seminar" DVD

For a proper fit measure around your dog's chest/girth at the fullest part as shown and use the size chart below. If your dog is between sizes - choose the smaller size if your dog has a tucked up waist like a Doberman or Greyhound, and choose the larger size if your dog has a more straight waist like a Labrador or Mastiff. Bully type breeds may need a larger size to accomodate their forechest.

The fabric is a breathable, durable poly/cotton blend. Straps are soft cotton twill with Soft-Touch Velcro®. Machine wash in cool water and air dry for best results.

Chest Size 16"-20" 20"-24" 24"-28" 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40"
Vest Size 18 22 26 30 34 38
Dog In Training Vest

Dog In Training Vest tan

"Dog In Training" in large letters on tan vest.

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Dog In Training Vest yellow

"Dog In Training" in large letters on yellow vest.

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Give Me Space Vest tan

"Give Me Space" in large letters on tan vest.

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Give Me Space Vest yellow

"Give Me Space" in large letters on yellow vest.

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If you prefer to use a harness with your dog and would like a harness hole added please tell us how far back your harness ring is from the base of your dog's neck.

Your vest will work with most front ring harnesses without modification.

We find harnesses to be most effective when the back ring is located approximately between the dog's shoulder blades (2"-4" back from the base of the neck). This is how the Freedom No-Pull Harness fits.

Dog In Training Vest

Add a harness ring hole to my vest ($3).
Please note that exchanges or refunds are not available on customized orders.

Distance from base of neck to harness ring
Dog In Training Vest

Your Dog In Training Vest should not to be confused with the official attire worn by service dogs. It does not entitle you to take your dog into public places where dogs are not normally permitted.

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Dogs In Need Of Space

We'd like to include some new photos, so please send us a good photo of your dog enjoying the new vest.

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"I recommend that anyone working with an untrained, fearful, shy, or undersocialized dog in public should have their dog wear a vest like this. I am a professional dog trainer and this vest was just what I was searching for to help me work with my own reactive dog, Pepsi. I now recommend this vest to clients of mine. --- Laura Michel, Custom Pet Solutions"
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Pepsi in Vest

"I can't tell you how grateful I am! (The Dog In Training Vest) gives us the space to breathe, while communicating a very important concept - that my dog is a work in progress, and she's not a bad dog!"

- Amber (Read full testimonial)

Dog Training vest

"I have many clients with dogs who have "space issues." This vest gives them some protection, and helps others respect their needs. I recommend it all the time!"

- Trish King
Behavior & Training Director
Marin Humane Society Novato, CA

Dog Training vest

I am passionate about dogs. I have seen too many dogs left home alone because of their public behavior. Genetics, lack of early socialization, fear, over-stimulation and even age can contribute to behaviors such as barking, lunging, jumping up, and trying to run away.

Dogs may be fearful of strangers or new places, have space issues, or even be overly friendly and exuberant. It can be a challenge to work with your dog in public when well-meaning dog lovers are asking you questions and trying to pet your dog. This can create a lot of stress for you and the dog.

Too often owners feel embarrassed by their dog's behavior. One of my goals is to help owners get over their fear of embarrassment, to relax and focus on training their dogs in a positive way.

The Dog In Training Vest will help. By identifying that you are training your dog, people will realize that you are working on your dog's behavior. It will encourage people to give you and your dog some space so the dog is less likely to become stressed. Then you can control the environment a bit more; ask people if they are willing to let your dog greet them rather than have people approach the dog. When you, your dog, and the public are more relaxed, true learning and change can begin. I look forward to a world where human understanding creates better socialized dogs; where dogs and humans live in peace and harmony.

Cricket Mara
Founder of The Pawsitive Dog

For best results, the Dog In Training Vest should be combined with a positive behavior modification program. Locate a trainer in your area at , , ,

For fear, aggression, or reactivity issues, I recommend
Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT).