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behavior consultations new mexico

Every interaction we have with our dogs presents us with an opportunity to observe, learn, and affect our relationship with them. Unfortunately, much of what people do derives from habit or a pattern of behavior, and we get stuck repeating the same behavior even if we are unhappy with the outcome. Our very human nature, like making eye contact and hugging, can be a detriment to our relationship with dogs. If the pattern of behavior between you and your dog(s) has become a source of conflict, it’s time for a change. Dogs respond to our behavior, habits and mood, so if you expect your dog’s behavior to change you will first have to change your own behavior. That’s often the hardest part for people, but don’t be discouraged. I’m here to help and support your growth as well as that of your dog.

Most behavior problems people have with dogs are due to a human’s lack of understanding of how dogs see the world or what they are trying to tell us, coupled with a lack of effective communication with the dog. This lack of communication often creates a great deal of stress for both sides, and leads to a vicious circle of ever escalating problems. Learning to understand what motivates and concerns your dog, and effectively communicating with him, is essential to a harmonious relationship.

behavior consultations new mexico
"Every dog deserves a person,
Not every person deserves a dog."

I’ve learned that dogs are amazingly honest. They never lie, and you can’t lie to them. They see right through us if we attempt to manipulate or control them. However, if we approach them in an appropriate, positive and open manner, most dogs are willing and able to learn an incredible number of skills and cooperate with us in amazing ways.

Lucky for us, modern scientists have given us new tools and insights into how dogs think and learn, so we can apply the best aspects of learning theory to clearly communicate with our dogs in a non-threatening way.

behavior consultations new mexico




If you select the "In-Person" behavior consultation option, we will have private sessions at your home.

If you select the "Remote" behavior consultation option, we will discuss your issues over the phone.

Either way, I will teach you how to clearly communicate with your dog in a positive way. We will focus on teaching your dog how to get the things he wants in life by working with you, setting him up to succeed whenever possible. You will learn to become a benevolent leader who keeps your dog safe and meets his needs. Dogs that are given calm leadership and feel safe are more relaxed and willing to cooperate, at which point you will find your relationship start to blossom, and you will truly learn to understand each other at a deeper level.

All my techniques are completely force free and suitable for the whole family. Your program will be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your dog. Often some very subtle changes can make a huge difference, but if things are really out of control in your home, expect to make some bigger changes to get yourselves back on track. Most clients see significant progress in 3-5 sessions. Issues involving fear or aggression are more complex and may take longer to resolve.

“Behavior means the way of acting. Behavior is ‘the actions or reactions of persons or things under given circumstances.’ Behavior means ‘conduct, actions bearing, comportment’. Everything in the way you or I, or our dogs, appear to one another is behavior.” – “Dog Language” by Roger Abrantes

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